Monthly Archives: July 2012

“The Internet Just Is”: Information Literacy and Teens

This reflection on teens and information literacy was written for Prof. Paul McKenna’s seminar “Information Literacy,” which I attended during the Fall semester of 2011-2012 at Dalhousie University, Halifax. During my time in Dalhousie’s Library and Information Studies programme I came into contact with many public school librarians. A common thread between them, in addition […]

The Many Voices of the Qur’an

This paper was written for Dr. Bertrum MacDonald’s class “The History of the Book,” which I took during the Winter semester of 2012 at Dalhousie University, Halifax. I wanted to take a close look at, not only the history of the Qur’an as a physical and religious object, but the relationship between written and oral […]

Beachchair Philosophers

I assembled this collection of images for the University of King’s College. The Brainiac Beach Reading Facebook group discusses short works of literature. The “Original Brainiacs at the Beach” album depicts great philosophers and thinkers enjoying the shore. Check out Brainiac Beach Reading’s Facebook page here.

A Woman for All Seasons: Olympe de Gouges

Then, as I lay on the ground, I seemed to see this head rolling towards mine down the inclined flagstones: its lips touched mine, an icy shudder ran through my body; I heaved a groan, and fainted. Dumas, Alexandre. One Thousand and One Ghosts. Trans. Andrew Brown. London: Hesperus Press Limited, 2004, p. 62. Print. […]

The Dybbuk

“The Dybbuk.” Play of the Week. Dir. Sidney Lumet. Writ. Sholom Ansky. Adapt. Joseph Liss. National Telefilm Associates, 3 October 1960. DVD. Granny, there lived a young man. He had a great soul and his thoughts were deep. A long life was destined for him and suddenly in one small terrible moment life was torn […]

The First Impromptu is the Shortest

Shostakovich and I began playing the piano at about the same age, which is about the same age most children start playing the piano. Further evidence that the tenth year on Earth is a magical one. While I abandoned my efforts in the blink of a metronome, for Shostakovich his ability to play was a […]