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Sidebar, Your Honour: October 2012

Lady of the Month Portrait of the Month Team of the Month Speakology If I were the emperor Of a deserted island It would be nice. -Sōseki Advertisements

Portrait of an Animal

If oxen and lions had hands and were able to draw with their hands and do the same things as men, horses would draw the shapes of gods to look like horses and oxen to look like oxen, and each would make the gods’ bodies have the same shape as they themselves had. -Xenophanes A […]

How Chekhov Remembered the Forgotten: Sakhalin Island

“Gazing at the opposite shore, I feel that if I were a convict, I would escape immediately, whatever the consequences.” -Anton Chekhov, The Island of Sakhalin, 1895 In 1890 it was not a geographical location Chekhov was trying to flee, so much as a social and literary ennui that had overtaken him. Despite success in […]

I Brought to Art

I sit and muse in reverie. I brought to Art desires and sensations – some dimly envisaged faces and features; some vague memories of unfulfilled affairs. Let me surrender myself to Art; Art knows how to shape the Likeness of Beauty, barely perceptibly enhancing life, blending impressions, blending the days. -I Brought to Art, C.P. […]

(Mis)Information, (Mis)Management, & the Conservative Party, Vol. I

Peter Parycek and Michael Sachs understand the importance of information to a government and to the people that government serves. “People who grow up in an information society,” they state in this ePractice Open Government article, “are willing to participate in democracies, but they cannot prosper in systems based on constraint”. A strong society based […]

Black Robe

Black Robe. Dir. Bruce Beresford. Writ. Brian Moore. Adapt. Brian Moore. Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1991. DVD. “God should have made me a Jesuit. You have answers for everything.”            -Samuel de Champlain, in Black Robe Answers are not easily found in Black Robe, a film based on the novel of the […]