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Sidebar, Your Honour: January 2013

Lady of the Month Portrait of the Month Team of the Month Speakology I have come to greet you, To tell you that the sun is up: The sun’s hot light now waits to greet you And trembles through the leaves and sap -“I Have Come to Greet You,” Afanasy Fet Trans. J. Greene Advertisements

The Lobkowicz Collections

Inconcussa manet (“It withstands the storm“). –Lobkowicz family motto A sense of responsibility should be […] the foundation of family life. –Václav Havel, Letters to Olga A sense of responsibility not only at the centre of family life, but at the centre of political and cultural life. Havel, a playwright turned-political dissident-turned-president, knew the importance of culpability […]

Community and Mystery: Archimedes and Syfy’s “Eureka”

Although I build you engines new, As to my native city due When foes surround our citadel, These endures not Science well; Not thus, she would freely use Archimedes of Syracuse. He lifts Marcellus’ ships on high, Or fires them with Apollo’s eye. Know, these are mercenary arts- Of Science but the meaner parts- Such […]