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Community and Mystery: Archimedes and Syfy’s “Eureka”

Although I build you engines new, As to my native city due When foes surround our citadel, These endures not Science well; Not thus, she would freely use Archimedes of Syracuse. He lifts Marcellus’ ships on high, Or fires them with Apollo’s eye. Know, these are mercenary arts- Of Science but the meaner parts- Such […]

Squeezing Out the Slave

This talk is like stamping new coins. They pile up, while the real work is done outside by someone digging in the ground. -Rumi, Trans. Coleman Barks Lights go out all over the world, but the vision of what was illuminated remains on the retinas and in the mind. Then there are those that illuminate, […]

Black Robe

Black Robe. Dir. Bruce Beresford. Writ. Brian Moore. Adapt. Brian Moore. Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1991. DVD. “God should have made me a Jesuit. You have answers for everything.”            -Samuel de Champlain, in Black Robe Answers are not easily found in Black Robe, a film based on the novel of the […]

The Dybbuk

“The Dybbuk.” Play of the Week. Dir. Sidney Lumet. Writ. Sholom Ansky. Adapt. Joseph Liss. National Telefilm Associates, 3 October 1960. DVD. Granny, there lived a young man. He had a great soul and his thoughts were deep. A long life was destined for him and suddenly in one small terrible moment life was torn […]