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Community and Mystery: Archimedes and Syfy’s “Eureka”

Although I build you engines new, As to my native city due When foes surround our citadel, These endures not Science well; Not thus, she would freely use Archimedes of Syracuse. He lifts Marcellus’ ships on high, Or fires them with Apollo’s eye. Know, these are mercenary arts- Of Science but the meaner parts- Such […]

Squeezing Out the Slave

This talk is like stamping new coins. They pile up, while the real work is done outside by someone digging in the ground. -Rumi, Trans. Coleman Barks Lights go out all over the world, but the vision of what was illuminated remains on the retinas and in the mind. Then there are those that illuminate, […]

Night of the Living Information

Amidst the summer grasses Lie the graves of Saga’s beauties. -Shiki The antithetic electric power of instant information that reverses social explosion into implosion, private enterprise into organization man, and expanding empires into common markets, has obtained as little recognition as the written word. -Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media My grandmother had a family Bible. Not […]