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Night of the Living Information

Amidst the summer grasses Lie the graves of Saga’s beauties. -Shiki The antithetic electric power of instant information that reverses social explosion into implosion, private enterprise into organization man, and expanding empires into common markets, has obtained as little recognition as the written word. -Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media My grandmother had a family Bible. Not […]

Seeking a Home in the Book of Ruth

The little Book of Ruth works in rattlesnake fashion upon all poetically productive minds; one cannot refrain from rearrangement, paraphrase, and enlargement of the subject-matter, which is certainly very pleasing, but nevertheless lies very far out of our way. -Johannes Goethe Some of the first stories I read, and knew off-by-heart, were from the Bible. […]

A Woman for All Seasons: Olympe de Gouges

Then, as I lay on the ground, I seemed to see this head rolling towards mine down the inclined flagstones: its lips touched mine, an icy shudder ran through my body; I heaved a groan, and fainted. Dumas, Alexandre. One Thousand and One Ghosts. Trans. Andrew Brown. London: Hesperus Press Limited, 2004, p. 62. Print. […]